Muhammad Ali trains for his World Heavyweight Championship rematch with Sonny Liston in May 1965.   ···  
American baseball player Willie Mays of the New York Giants drops the bat as he heads for first after a hit at Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York, 1955.   ···  
John F. Kennedy throws out the first ball on opening day of the Washington Senators' new home, D.C. Stadium, Washington DC, April 9, 1962.   ···  
 Vince Lombardi (1913 - 1970) coach of the Green Bay Packers, 1963.   ···  
Art Rooney, founding owner of the NFL team the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1980s.   ···  
Bill Russell #6 of the Boston Celtics leaps, early 1960s.   ···  
Steffi Graf, September 1988.   ···  
Eddie Arcaro, 1950s.   ···  
Wilma Rudolph, 1960 Olympic Games, Rome.   ···  
Diver Greg Louganis, 1980s.   ···  
Jim Brown #32 of the Cleveland Browns, 1958.   ···  
Formula One driver Jim Clark, circa 1960s.   ···  
Branch Rickey smokes a cigar, 1962.   ···  
Reggie Jackson, 1970s.   ···  
Formula One driver James Hunt, 1970s.   ···  
Sugar Ray Leonard, 1989.   ···  
American heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali wears a hooded sweatshirt as he trains in the early morning for his title defense rematch against Sonny Liston, Lewiston, Maine, May 1965. Ali won the controversial match with a knockout in the first round   ···  
Babe Ruth.   ···  
 Pele, 1970's.   ···  
Yogi Berra, head coach of the New York Yankees, mid 1970s.   ···  
Willie Shoemaker (1931 - 2003), 1980s.   ···  
Muhammad Ali defeats Sonny Liston, February 24, 1964.   ···  
Niki Lauda, late 1970s.   ···  
Michael Jordan.   ···  
Sylvester Stallone films Victory, 1981.   ···  
Bart Starr #15 of the Green Bay Packers, 1960s.   ···  
Jimmy Connors, 1980s.   ···  
Magic Johnson, 1985.   ···  
Arnold Palmer, 1980s.   ···  
 Wayne Gretzky, 1990.   ···  
 O.J. Simpson, 1975.   ···  
Nadia Comaneci of Romania competes on the balance beam in a gymnastics competition in 1977 in New York City.   ···  
Mario Andretti, 1970s.   ···  
Antonio Ordonez, 1960.   ···  
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